Increasing your search engine ranking is a crucial step in growing your business in the modern era. Optimizing your website for search engine optimization best practices is different on the local level than it is nationally. Below we explore the factors you need to know for search engine optimization in Saint Louis.

  1. Know your market. If you don’t know the local areas in St. Louis that you are targeting, then how can you develop a successful SEO strategy? The answer is you can’t. Different types of businesses have different sized service areas. Are you in Kirkwood and just trying to target customers 15 miles or less away from you? Are you in Jefferson County but service a tri-county area? Before you can put together a successful search engine optimization strategy you have to know your target market.
  2. Saint Louis SEOLearn your competitors. Find the businesses similar to yours that are ranking well in Google and other search engines. Research what they are doing to see what is working for them. Learn their SEO weak points and do better than your competitors. SEO specialists in Saint Louis research the competition to see how they can better rank the websites they are working on.
  3. Make your website local. Search engines use your website content as a factor in ranking your website. Be sure to use local keywords on your homepage and other pages so that Google knows your business is targeting the St. Louis market. For example, instead of using “local hair salon” on your website, use “Saint Louis hair salon” in your title and header tags.
  4. Keep your NAP consistent. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Make sure this information is consistent everywhere you market online including your website, social media pages, business directory pages, and anywhere else you advertise online. For example, you shouldn’t use Webster Groves as your city on your website and then use Saint Louis on your Facebook profile. Keep everything consistent and up to date.
  5. Stay up to date. Keep your contact information, business hours, and other relevant information current across all of your online marketing efforts. You should also stay up to date on local SEO practices so once you start ranking well on Google you can keep that ranking and increase sales for your business.

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