There’s no doubt that the influence of social media is growing at a rapid pace, but now in 2013 and beyond social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will play an important role in search engine optimization.

Social Media and SEOSearch engines, including Google have begun using social signals as one of many ranking methods for websites. Google +1’s, Facebook likes, and retweets are now being used to help determine organic search engine rankings.  Search engines have also been using the number of Facebook, Twitter, and Google followers to help rank websites. These social signals will become more important for any business’s SEO strategy. Google has even reported that they will begin using the people following a particular site or business to determine who is influential in their field, and this will help determine their search engine ranking.

Google ranks influential members, groups, and businesses in their respective fields over their competitors. To help show your influence in a particular field, you should use Google Authorship to link your name to your blog posts,  Facebook profiles, and other online publications.

Social Media will only help your SEO strategy if people like, +1, and share your content. Be sure to have easily accessible share, follow, and like buttons for the major social networks. It is also important to share quality content on your own social media profiles.

With a proper social media plan, including making your content easily sharable, and constantly updating, your business will gain an advantage over your competitors, and your search engine ranking will rise.

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